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Episode 135 – The Discovery of Star Trek – Rekha Sharma

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issuu podcast 135

This podcast recorded part way through the series has Gerri and Eugenia speculating who the Captain of Discovery was to be! This incarnation of Star Trek is a darker, grittier version. No mention of “The Prime Directive” and of course all that technology that we never saw on the USS Enterprise. Have those that believe Star Trek canon should be followed to the letter accepted this new version of the franchise? As we have moved on with our own technology, so has the film industry and it would be “silly” to use the production values or props of the 1960’s in the telling of these stories. Discovery does however (BTW it seems that the show title has been shortened to Star Trek: DSC to fit in with the shortened form of the other shows), give nod to a least the sounds of the 60s with the noticeable hisses of the doors and the tinkle of the transporters and of course the flip communicators, paying homage to The Original Series. Star Trek again looks to the world that we live in with xenophobia being central to current story lines and a retelling of the Mirror Universe, first seen again in TOS. So whilst being new it acknowledges what went before. So far Gerri and Eugenia like the show and look forward to the development of a new history that adds to the mythology of one of their favourite franchises. Don’t forget to check back through their catalogue to re-listen to their episodes covering all of the Star Trek incarnations and even some fan made shows. In this episode Gerri and Eugenia pull an interview from the archive with Rekha Sharma who played Security Chief, Commander Landry. Recorded before the making of the new series, Rekha has been a fan of the show from a child having watched it with her father. Gerri and Eugenia would like to thank Rob and Sandra from Culture Shock Events who gave them the opportunity to interview Rekha. Check out www.cultureshockevents.com for their upcoming shows.


Episode 82 – Battlestar More than just TV – Edward James Olmos

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issuu podcast 82This is the last episode in the Battlestar Galactica triptych. Eugenia and Gerri discuss while a science fiction show can just be entertainment, once in a while it can also contribute to changing the world and they don’t mean that in a fictional sense! Battlestar Galactica made it to the United Nations (Google it), where they talked about the “races of the world” or in their opinion just one race, “the human race”. This was one of the underlying themes of the series and one that is very dear to the heart of Eugenia and Gerri’s interviewee in this episode. Yes, they have an interview with none other than Admiral Adama, the wonderfully talented Edward James Olmos himself, (but you knew that because you saw the picture above)! In this episode they discuss the issues that are raised in their interview with Edward James Olmos (Yes they do like to keep saying it, because well it is Edward James Olmos, if you interviewed him you would keep saying it to!) and their impressions of the show. Its conclusion and of course the meaning of what it is to be a human. They thank Daniel from Supanova Expo http://www.supanova.com.au and Lionel Midford, from Lionel Midford Publicity http://www.lionelmidfordpublicity.com for the chance to interview Edward.

Episode 81 – The Heart of Battlestar Galactica – Tahmoh Penikett

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issuu podcast 81This is the second episode of Gerri and Eugenia’s triptych about the reimagined series Battlestar Galactica. Science Fiction television shows have long been able to look at modern societies and take issues that are current and work these into their story lines. They can discuss conflict, religion and war more openly than contemporary television shows because if it is an alien doing it, then it is not these people or that political group. BSG does just that and is a continuation of a tradition that can be seen in some of the episodes from Classic Star Trek. It takes on this view much more than the original series and of course in this incarnation the “baddies” were created by the human race in their own image, so to speak and the aim of this creation is to replace the originals as the next upgrade is better than the last. BSG has taken many elements from ancient religions such as the Greek and Roman gods to the Abrahamic religions of today and used them as aids to tell a story of conflict and difference. So, you think that this may be a bit deep, well yes and no, as always Gerri and Eugenia love the show and talk about some of the issues raised. However, they also have an interview with Tahmoh Penikett, who played Karl Agathon, otherwise known as “Helo” named after Helios, the god of the sun. Did you know that he is the son of an ex Canadian Premier? They thank Daniel from Supanova Expo http://www.supanova.com.au and Lionel Midford, from Lionel Midford Publicity http://www.lionelmidfordpublicity.com for the chance to interview Tahmoh.

Episode 80 – Six Of Best BSG – Tricia Helfer

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issuu podcast 80This podcast is the first of in a series of what Eugenia and Gerri call a triptych about the re-imagined series Battlestar Galactica. BSG (re-imagined) one of the few series in recent times to look at the fundamental issues of what and who we are! BSG is a darker story than the show that was made in 1978, which had a more optimistic premise, fought alien baddies, (with swishy back and forth red eyes, very sinister) on their journey finding a new home. In this episode Eugenia and Gerri discuss the differences in both of the incarnations and in particular they look at the Cylons and the impact they had in both versions. For those of you that have not watched the original series the difference between the portrayals of this enemy are significant and interesting with the TOS having them as the mechanical army of an alien race and the new series as a “people” searching just as much as the 12 ships on which the humans search for a new home. So, is this going to be a dark and dreary podcast, no way! Still wanting to hear the old Cylon byword of “At your Command” Eugenia and Gerri discuss all of the above but they also get to have a chat with the Cylon of Cylons Number Six herself, the very beautiful and charming Trisha Helfer. They would like to thank Daniel from Supanova Expo http://www.supanova.com.au and Lionel Midford, from Lionel Midford Publicity http://www.lionelmidfordpublicity.com for the chance to interview Tricia.

Episode 42 – Fan Sites to Fan Fiction

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In this podcast Eugenia and Gerri interview Herb Jefferson Jr.  Boomer from the original Battlestar Galactica TV series but, that is not what this podcast is about. They explore the world of fan fiction in particular Star Trek fan fiction films. What is the link between Herb Jefferson Jr and Star Trek fan fiction?  You will just have to listen and the connection will become clear! Thanks goes to Daniel and Lionel from Supanova for the interview http://www.supanova.com.au Eugenia and Gerri talk about the wonderful animated series Star Trek Aurora http://www.auroratrek.com that every Star Trek fan should watch and you can read about Tim Vinning creator of Star Trek Aurora in their free e-zine GE News – Women Talk Sci Fi http://www.genews-ezine.com. There are many fan fiction sites Star Trek Intrepid http://www.starshipintrepid.net, Star Trek Hidden Frontier http://www.hiddenfrontier.com and Star Trek Of Gods and Men http://www.startrekofgodsandmen.com which is filled with Star Trek alumni. Trekkie Central Magazine is a great resource for star trek fan fiction http://www.trekkiemagazine.mfbiz.com and Eugenia and Gerri are head writers.

Episode 14 – Every Girl Loves A Bad Boy

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issuu podcast 14 .pubEvery good girl loves a bad boy and Gerri and Eugenia are just like any other good girl and in this podcast they tell you all about their favourites! Not the nasty villains but the ones who don’t always follow the rules. Get themselves into trouble and you just want to run down and get them out of it and then just give them a big cuddle!!! Judge for yourself whether you agree characters such as Starbuck, Ba-al, Kirk and lots and lots and lots more are bad boys! They have an interview with Dirk Benedict in this podcast and as a special treat for all you Battlestar Galactica fans they feature Rick Moyer’s parody “The Rag Tag Fugitive Fleet”. More of his parodies can be found on http://www.christrocks.com/parody.  So who is your favourite ‘bad boy’?

Episode 10 – Battlestar Galactica – Now and Then

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issuu podcast 10 .pubCongratulations to Gerri and Eugenia on reaching double figures. In this podcast they interview Richard Hatch when they caught up with him at Supanova http://www.supanova.com.au this year. They also had the opportunity to chat with the other members of the main cast Dirk Benedict (Starbuck) and Herb Jefferson Jr (Boomer). You could say they scored the hat trick with those interviews. So watch out for these in upcoming podcasts. Richard Hatch is a man who loves life and he particularly enjoys meeting and talking with his fans. Richard talks about his enjoyment of Sci Fi and in particular his love for both of the Battlestar Galatica productions. In the podcast you will also hear Eugenia and Gerri talking about watching the original Battlestar and comparing it to the recent re-imagined series.