A Podcast about our favourite shows with interviews from their iconic actors

Episode 10 – Battlestar Galactica – Now and Then

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issuu podcast 10 .pubCongratulations to Gerri and Eugenia on reaching double figures. In this podcast they interview Richard Hatch when they caught up with him at Supanova http://www.supanova.com.au this year. They also had the opportunity to chat with the other members of the main cast Dirk Benedict (Starbuck) and Herb Jefferson Jr (Boomer). You could say they scored the hat trick with those interviews. So watch out for these in upcoming podcasts. Richard Hatch is a man who loves life and he particularly enjoys meeting and talking with his fans. Richard talks about his enjoyment of Sci Fi and in particular his love for both of the Battlestar Galatica productions. In the podcast you will also hear Eugenia and Gerri talking about watching the original Battlestar and comparing it to the recent re-imagined series.


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