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Episode 82 – Battlestar More than just TV – Edward James Olmos

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issuu podcast 82This is the last episode in the Battlestar Galactica triptych. Eugenia and Gerri discuss while a science fiction show can just be entertainment, once in a while it can also contribute to changing the world and they don’t mean that in a fictional sense! Battlestar Galactica made it to the United Nations (Google it), where they talked about the “races of the world” or in their opinion just one race, “the human race”. This was one of the underlying themes of the series and one that is very dear to the heart of Eugenia and Gerri’s interviewee in this episode. Yes, they have an interview with none other than Admiral Adama, the wonderfully talented Edward James Olmos himself, (but you knew that because you saw the picture above)! In this episode they discuss the issues that are raised in their interview with Edward James Olmos (Yes they do like to keep saying it, because well it is Edward James Olmos, if you interviewed him you would keep saying it to!) and their impressions of the show. Its conclusion and of course the meaning of what it is to be a human. They thank Daniel from Supanova Expo http://www.supanova.com.au and Lionel Midford, from Lionel Midford Publicity http://www.lionelmidfordpublicity.com for the chance to interview Edward.