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Episode 124 – The People Who Make the Magic – Warren Dion Smith, Mark Dewes, Richard Norton

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We all do it, we go to the movies and watch the actors on the screen play our favourite heroes and villains and walk away saying “Gee that was good”, and “Wasn’t … brilliant”! Yes, the actors do the acting and the directors do the directing! However, we have all seen those shaky sets, ad props the bad make-up/hair and the crappy fight scenes that we all think “Give me a wet lettuce leaf and I could fight better than that!”
However, if you can get a VERY GOOD Set/prop maker, hair and make-up artist, and a fight coordinator you know that you have a VERY GOOD movie. And this is what Eugenia and Gerri have for you in this episode! From WETA they have two of the artists that made the magic of movies such as Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Elysium and the Netflix series “Spectre”. Warren Dion Smith make-up artist and hair specialist (think of all those dwarves and all that hair, Warren makes it look natural), and Mark Dewes , props artist (this man can make a bit of foam look like Excalibur). Then they have Richard Norton, stunt and fight coordinator who has worked with Jackie Chan and on movies such as the latest Mad Max! So if you want to know more about the film industry in the “antipodes”, this is the episode for you with two Kiwis and an Aussie making movies for you! Eugenia and Gerri would like to thank Daniel and Lionel Supanova Expo www.supanova.com.au and www.lionelmidfordpublicity.com respectively for their interview with Richard! Eugenia and Gerri love talking with those that make the magic happen and you will too!

Episode 116 – It’s A Pirate Life for Me – Kevin McNally

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Arrrrrh me hearties, and shiver me timbers , does that give you some clue as to what Eugenia and Gerri are talking about in this episode! Pirates are baddies that we love to love! So what is a “pirate”, and what do they have to do about Sci Fi and Fantasy well that’s what Gerri and Eugenia talk about! Pirates in spaceships include Firefly, Farscape and even some could say Doctor Who, well the odd episode or two! Eugenia and Gerri could not resist putting a picture of Johnny Depp on this podcast they unfortunately don’t have an interview with him, but they do have one with the “sane” and really the “rudder” and first mate of The Black Pearl , Joshamee Gibbs otherwise known as Kevin McNally. This actor who you will recognise from many a Sci Fi show talks about his obsession with “Tony Hancock”, his work as an actor who has managed to build a career across two continents and more! But let’s get back to pirates ! Captain Jack and Gibbs and their many cosplayer copies have turned pirates back into a watchable treasure. Eugenia and Gerri would like to thank Daniel and Lionel from Supanova Pop Culture Expo, for these interviews, catch them at www.supanova.com.au and www.lionelmidfordpublicity.com  and because they couldn’t resist : “Why are pirates pirates? Cuz they arrrrrr” LOL!!!

Episode 08 – G.I. Joe Action Figure to Action Movie

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G.I. Joe has been around for a very long time and began the line of toys we now all call action figures. Many may not know that G.I. Joe was born to fight the dominance of Barbie.  The battle of the sexes wages on even in the world of toys. Now that G.I. Joe has beaten Barbie to the blockbuster movie prize has that war been won? I’m sure Barbie hasn’t given up yet and will continue her struggle against the usurper that is G.I. Joe. There is no doubt that G.I. Joe has had a big influence on how the toy market is made up today. Perhaps thought of as toys for boys only this is not necessarily the case. G.I. Joe is an equal opportunity toy with male and female characters of all races and creeds.  G.I. Joe is not just a toy though as there has been video game after game spanning two decades. There have been television cartoon shows and animated movies. Also a long lasting line of comic books. Now that G.I. Joe has made it to the big screen I am sure we can expect a new wave of toys, games, cartoons and comics to enjoy for years to come.  Now, if only I were a kid so I could enjoy all of this without getting those odd looks.  Don’t forget to visit GE News to see the photographs from the Sydney press conference.  Many thanks to George for going to the Sydney press conference and taking those fantastic photographs.

Episode 07 – Wormhole X-Treme

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issuu podcast 7.pubJoin Gerri and Eugenia as they bring back some memories about the not quite gone, and certainly not forgotten, in this episode they discuss Stargate SG-1.  From everyone’s favourite character Jack O’Neill to the Farscape takeover with Ben Browder and Claudia Black towards the end of the series.  If you love Stargate SG-1 then you don’t want to miss this podcast. 


Episode 05 – Move over lightsaber

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It’s not long now and the all new Star Trek movie will be in cinemas for your viewing pleasure. Which means this is the last Star Trek related episode on Women Talk Sci Fi for a while. Well at least until they do a review of the new movie itself. Prepare to put you thinking caps on and join Gerri and Eugenia on a journey down memory lane. It got me thinking about my first Star Trek experience. I was never an original series person and my most prominent memories of early Star Trek is from The Next Generation.  However if I really dig deep the occasional memory of The Animated Series sticks its head up to say hello.  Still my fondest memories are for the cast of The Next Generation and it will be interesting to see my reaction to the re-imagined Original Series crew. Yet again we get another big name interview in this episode. This time none other than John Cho of Harold and Kumar fame. From what I have heard about his portrayal of Hakaru Sulu the image of G.I. Joe meets
Trek pops to mind. Finally Sulu truly gets an opportunity to dirty his hands with some real action. Something that I am sure George Takei wished he got the opportunity to do during his time as Sulu. At last we also get an actor who was willing to admit he was into Star Trek before starring in the movie. He was only a casual fan but that’s better than nothing. Seeing Sulu in such an important role during that era meant a lot to John Cho. So much so that he was desperate to be a part of this rebirth of Star Trek. So sit back and join Gerri, Eugenia and Marlene as they chat with the new incarnation of one of Star Trek favourite characters.