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Episode 05 – Move over lightsaber

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It’s not long now and the all new Star Trek movie will be in cinemas for your viewing pleasure. Which means this is the last Star Trek related episode on Women Talk Sci Fi for a while. Well at least until they do a review of the new movie itself. Prepare to put you thinking caps on and join Gerri and Eugenia on a journey down memory lane. It got me thinking about my first Star Trek experience. I was never an original series person and my most prominent memories of early Star Trek is from The Next Generation.  However if I really dig deep the occasional memory of The Animated Series sticks its head up to say hello.  Still my fondest memories are for the cast of The Next Generation and it will be interesting to see my reaction to the re-imagined Original Series crew. Yet again we get another big name interview in this episode. This time none other than John Cho of Harold and Kumar fame. From what I have heard about his portrayal of Hakaru Sulu the image of G.I. Joe meets
Trek pops to mind. Finally Sulu truly gets an opportunity to dirty his hands with some real action. Something that I am sure George Takei wished he got the opportunity to do during his time as Sulu. At last we also get an actor who was willing to admit he was into Star Trek before starring in the movie. He was only a casual fan but that’s better than nothing. Seeing Sulu in such an important role during that era meant a lot to John Cho. So much so that he was desperate to be a part of this rebirth of Star Trek. So sit back and join Gerri, Eugenia and Marlene as they chat with the new incarnation of one of Star Trek favourite characters.