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Episode 39 – Lt Reed From Armoury Man to Funny Man

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issuu podcast 39Gerri and Eugenia had the chance to once again see Dominic Keating at a Convention (third time for Gerri), he had been in Adelaide a number of years before, this time though they had the added pleasure of interviewing him at a First Contact Convention http://www.firstcontactconventions.com.au . So, if you hadn’t guessed this podcast is about the series Star Trek: Enterprise. The two of them explore the highs and lows of this Trek incarnation discussing its beginning and end. You also get to listen to a very entertaining interview with Dominic Keating about his role of Lt Malcolm Reed, and his thoughts on the storylines. For an added treat you get to hear Dominic’s alternative version of the Enterprise theme, he has a pretty good voice you know.