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Episode 114 – Who is Katy Manning!

issuu podcast 114
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In this podcast Eugenia and Gerri once again discuss one of their favourite TV shows and that of course is Doctor Who! They talk abut how Doctor Who tried to up the anti and introduced what could only be called the “Girl Friday” of Doctor Who, who was trendy, and very, very talkative! This of course could be none other than the indomitable Jo Grant! Companion to the 3rd Doctor and who at the time was a member of the show as it made innovations in the use of “special effects” yes even with the use of lots of quarries, cardboard and of course monsters who even then looked, well the only word is funny! The interview in this episode is with the indomitable (in real life as well), Katy Manning, who at times calls Australia home! As Katy was in playing Jo, a bit of a talker she does not fail us now and this interview for Eugenia and Gerri is one big long one (but that means more for you) and in the listening you never know who may just pop into the interview, giving you not one but two classic series actors! Eugenia and Gerri would like to thank Scott Liston from First Contact Conventions check them out at http://www.firstcontactconvention.com.au for some amazing upcoming events.


Episode 95 – Doctor Eight is Great – Paul McGann and Daphne Ashbrook

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issuu podcast 95There have been many actors who have taken on the role of Doctor Who! Some say that the eighth Doctor was the one that killed off the series in the 1996 Doctor Who movie and although it was a hit in the UK it did not meet its intended audience in the US and therefore did not progress to a series as was hoped. This showing of the Doctor introduced some new concepts of the Doctor and his first kiss on screen. These concepts and the kiss proved to cause many a discussion throughout the Whovian universe, was the Doctor half human, should he kiss his companion, was he above all of this? Well the human bit may not have survived but by heck the kissing did!!! In this episode Gerri and Eugenia discuss all of the above and more and have a special treat for all Whovians. They interview not only the eighth Doctor but they also have his companion. Paul McGann and Daphne Ashbrook who played Dr Grace Holloway in a rare joint interview discussing the movie, how it was made and how they felt about the movie, their expectations and all the whys and whats at the time! Gerri and Eugenia would like to thank Scott Liston from First Contact Conventions http://www.firstcontactconventions.com.au for the opportunity to have an interview with both of the stars of this iconic movie.

Episode 87 – Stitch This Mate – Camille Coduri

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issuu podcast 87Gerri and Eugenia continue their homage to the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who! In this episode they discuss the companions of the new series, from the Christopher Eccleston episodes to Matt Smith’s. Which companions do they like the best, and which ones are they not too fond off! They discuss how the companions have interacted with the Doctor and what they think the contributed to the series! But, the exiting thing that happens in this episode is that they have a ‘New Who’ companion, well, a reluctant companion from both the Doctor’s and the companion’s perspective! It is the one and only Jackie Tyler, yes Rose’s mum. The wonderful, and friendly Camille Coduri. Gerri and Eugenia would like to thank Paul and Sarah from The Doctor Who Club of Australia for the chance to interview Camille. This club has fantastic events throughout the year with one convention annually, http://www.dwca.org.au check them out.

Episode 86 – An Aussie in Time and Space – Janet Fielding

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issuu podcast 86

Eugenia and Gerri continue their series of Doctor Who podcasts in this fiftieth year of the longest running Sci Fi show in Television history. This episode brings us back to fifth Doctor and his companion Tegan Jovanka. What is interesting to Eugenia and Gerri is that Tegan played by Janet Fielding is an Australian playing an Australian! Tegan was feisty, stubborn, and like most Aussies a bit of “telling it like it is” who even was mentioned by the eleventh Doctor as “a gobby Australian”. This is not, in Australia, considered an insult. But, what this really meant that to Australian fans ”hey maybe we could get into the Tardis too”, (well, we know that the show is Sci Fi, but we can all fantasise, and suspend belief when watching all these shows LOL)! So, in this episode Eugenia and Gerri talk with Janet Fielding about her time on Doctor Who, as an agent to actors in particular being Paul McGann’s agent when he got the role of the Doctor in Doctor Who and again working with Doctor Who in Big Finish. Eugenia and Gerri would like to thank Rob and Sandy from Culture Shock Events for allowing them to interview Janet Fielding. Catch them at Culture Shock Events, http://www.cultureshockevents.com for upcoming events.

Episode 85 – Have Scot Will Travel – Frazer Hines

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issuu podcast 85Welcome back to the next episode in the series of many Doctor Who podcasts in the fiftieth year of Doctor Who. In this episode Gerri and Eugenia have another Doctor Who icon for you! That is Jamie McCrimmon, the man with the legs, who knows how to climb up stairs with the utmost decorum in his kilt. Frazer Hines, some could say one of the cutest of the male companions from the Patrick Troughton, (Doctor Who Number Two) era! Frazer is not only a man that knows how to be taken out of the year 1746 and take on the challenge of working in a futuristic time machine but also pursues his interests in horse racing and record producing and of course his stint in the long running UK TV show series Emmerdale Farm. This man of many talents talks about his life, his acting and of course his most favourite of all things the English Game of Cricket, you can check out his website at http://www.frazerhines.co.uk Gerri and Eugenia would like to thank Darren and Jason from Gifts for the Geek http://www.giftsforthegeek.com.au for the interview. See them at an Australian Con near you.

Episode 68 – The Boldest of Companions – Louise Jameson

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issuu podcast 68In this podcast Eugenia and Gerri along with guest presenter Jo Shrapnel discuss what we all want to be and that is a Doctor Who companion. Not only do they talk about those that have gone before them (well we all can hope!) they try to define what constitutes being a companion. A show that the three enjoy (a lot) means that the names of characters just come out one after the other and even by the end of their discussion they still don’t cover all of the companions. The interview in this podcast is Louise Jameson, whose character Leela a “Sevateem” savage travelled with the 4th Doctor. Louise tells us about her time on the show, THAT costume and of course Tom Baker. Who is your favourite or most disliked companion? Listen and see if you agree with Eugenia, Gerri or Jo’s comments. Eugenia and Gerri thank Bill and Adele from Armageddon Expo New Zealand for the interview with Louise http://www.armageddonexpo.com

Episode 06 – An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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Doctor Who has always been a family show that everyone from the youngest child to granny could enjoy. It seems like they keep everything in the family at Doctor Who though. Seems that David Tennant is, or was, dating the daughter of Peter Davison or was it Mark Strickson? Or was she just some fictional daughter of some character on the show? Sure enough though he is dating someone’s daughter. If you can figure it out please let me know. This podcast isn’t about the David Tennant era of Doctor Who though. This is about the successor to the longest running, and my personal favourite, Doctor in the show’s history. We’re talking about the fifth Doctor played by Peter Davison and his companions. Whilst Peter Davison obviously was not my favourite he certainly seems to have Gerri and Eugenia quite smitten.As luck would have it Peter Davison and one of his companions, Turlough played by Mark Strickson,where at Culture Shock in Sydney recently. Eugenia just happened to be attending that convention and was lucky enough to get an interview with Mark Strickson. He certainly is a character but in a likable way. Very sure of himself but not arrogant. With the achievements he has under his belt who could blame him for being so confident. Perhaps it is his sense of humor that takes the edge off that self confidence. Perhaps it’s because it turns out he is responsible for bringing us Steve Irwin. Regardless you can’t but find yourself smiling at some of the stories he regales us with. Gerri and Eugenia thank Culture Shock Events http://www.cultureshockevents.com for the interview. So sit back and join Gerri and Eugenia as they bring back some fond memories and chat with Doctor Who companion Mark Strickson.