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Episode 06 – An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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Doctor Who has always been a family show that everyone from the youngest child to granny could enjoy. It seems like they keep everything in the family at Doctor Who though. Seems that David Tennant is, or was, dating the daughter of Peter Davison or was it Mark Strickson? Or was she just some fictional daughter of some character on the show? Sure enough though he is dating someone’s daughter. If you can figure it out please let me know. This podcast isn’t about the David Tennant era of Doctor Who though. This is about the successor to the longest running, and my personal favourite, Doctor in the show’s history. We’re talking about the fifth Doctor played by Peter Davison and his companions. Whilst Peter Davison obviously was not my favourite he certainly seems to have Gerri and Eugenia quite smitten.As luck would have it Peter Davison and one of his companions, Turlough played by Mark Strickson,where at Culture Shock in Sydney recently. Eugenia just happened to be attending that convention and was lucky enough to get an interview with Mark Strickson. He certainly is a character but in a likable way. Very sure of himself but not arrogant. With the achievements he has under his belt who could blame him for being so confident. Perhaps it is his sense of humor that takes the edge off that self confidence. Perhaps it’s because it turns out he is responsible for bringing us Steve Irwin. Regardless you can’t but find yourself smiling at some of the stories he regales us with. Gerri and Eugenia thank Culture Shock Events http://www.cultureshockevents.com for the interview. So sit back and join Gerri and Eugenia as they bring back some fond memories and chat with Doctor Who companion Mark Strickson.