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Episode 87 – Stitch This Mate – Camille Coduri

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issuu podcast 87Gerri and Eugenia continue their homage to the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who! In this episode they discuss the companions of the new series, from the Christopher Eccleston episodes to Matt Smith’s. Which companions do they like the best, and which ones are they not too fond off! They discuss how the companions have interacted with the Doctor and what they think the contributed to the series! But, the exiting thing that happens in this episode is that they have a ‘New Who’ companion, well, a reluctant companion from both the Doctor’s and the companion’s perspective! It is the one and only Jackie Tyler, yes Rose’s mum. The wonderful, and friendly Camille Coduri. Gerri and Eugenia would like to thank Paul and Sarah from The Doctor Who Club of Australia for the chance to interview Camille. This club has fantastic events throughout the year with one convention annually, http://www.dwca.org.au check them out.