A Podcast about our favourite shows with interviews from their iconic actors

Episode 44 – Sci Fi or Not?

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issuu podcast 44.pubIn this podcast Eugenia and Gerri talk about a slightly different show than they normally do! It is called The Goodies, a 1970-80s comedy show starring one of the UK’s most famous comedy teams. But if it is a comedy why are Women Talk Sci Fi talking about it on a Science Fiction Podcast? Well, they think that the show is a not only a comedy but a Sci Fi show and in this episode they manage to convince Jeff from The Goodies Podcast http://goodiespodcast.libsyn.com that it is! You only need to look at the episodes called Kitten Kong, Clown Virus and of course Invasion of the Moon Creatures to understand why it is Sci Fi! So sit back and find out how much fun it is and then track down the DVDs or You Tube it and just have some great fun! This is a blast from the past and they hope you will find it great fun too! Thanks again to Jeff for joining Eugenia and Gerri for the fun of it.


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