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Episode 78 – Queen of V – Jane Badler

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issuu podcast 78Any time we hear that a television show is to be reimagined, and it is happening more and more often these days, fans of the original television series get a bit worried. Having a fond memory of what “was” and questions about what are they going to do with it now, becomes somewhat of a concern. You never want your memories to be blemished so to speak. So, “V” returned to television screens in 2009. Did they remake it well or was it a “bomb”? Eugenia and Gerri discuss how they thought the show panned out in this episode. Did they tie it in well to the original series, did they at least pay homage to what went before, did they make it seem fresh and most importantly did it want new fans to seek out the original and see where it came from? It made Eugenia and Gerri seek out the show again! One of the things that they did well was to bring back some of the characters from the original series and they have an interview with one of them in this episode. She participated in one of Sci Fi’s iconic scenes, none other than Jane Badler, Diana herself the guinea pig eating scion of the Visitors. Jane has been a resident of Australia for over 20 years and has appeared in shows such as Mission Impossible, Cluedo and Neighbours to name a few. She is also an accomplished singer and you can hear some of her music on her website http://www.janebadler.com . Eugenia and Gerri thank Cultureshock Events for the opportunity to talk to Jane http://www.cultureshockevent.com So, listen on and you will see what they think!

Episode 77 – V for Victory – Marc Singer

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issuu podcast 77Way back in the 1980s a miniseries was made about an Alien invasion of Earth! So, what is so different about that, you might say, there have been hundreds of them? Then there was “V” ground breaking, intelligent and exciting. Loosely based on a book called “It Can’t Happen Here” (1935) by Sinclair Lewis the first US author to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. This book was about how a society can change with a different change of political view and in the book it was about Fascism. Firstly, the script was written on how fascism came to power in the US but the TV execs thought that it would be too much for its viewers so the script was rewritten and this time the protagonists were ‘alien reptiles”! Many of the points of the show were taken from propaganda from WWII and if you want to know more about that, head over to Wikipedia. Even to this day its influences can be felt in such show as Taken and 4400 and more, intelligent and clever and so very entertaining. So, that is what Gerri and Eugenia talk about in this podcast! But, it’s not all heavy, they love the show and they discuss what they thought of its impact! There was not much Sci Fi, well good Sci Fi on TV at the time and what there was, was aimed at children. They would like to thank Culture Shock Events http://www.cultureshockevents.com for allowing them the opportunity to meet up with the wonderful Marc Singer star of “V” who they interview in this episode who is not only a resistance fighter but a beast master and much much more.