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Episode 21 – Women Talk Sci Fi

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issuu podcast 21In this their 21st podcast (They now have the keys to the recording room!) Gerri and Eugenia finally have an all “Women Talk Sci FI” podcast! At The Hub Productions Star Trek Convention in Adelaide, a convention for which they did not have to travel they had the opportunity to interview Denise Crosby their first female actor interview. Although Denise was only in the series as a regular for one season Eugenia and Gerri discuss the impact her character had on the show and how in her portrayal of Tasha Yar Denise made it easy to imagine that women who were capable could be responsible for the security of a great big ship. Tasha Yar was never forgotten throughout the 7 seasons of TNG and Denise in her portrayal of the alternate Tasha and her daughter Sela ensured that. Denise is also famous for “Trekkies” and “Trekkies Two” great documentaries on the world of Star Trek Fandom. Gerri and Eugenia asked all the questions that fans would if they had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Denise. Thank you to Carissa and Rand and crew from The Hub Productions http://www.thehubproductions.com for the opportunity to interview Denise, we recommend you check them out because there are great conventions coming to a city in Oz near you!