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Episode 89 – The Atlantis Two – David and Chuck

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issuu podcast 89

In this podcast Gerri and Eugenia have not one but two interviews from one of their favourite shows Stargate Atlantis. They are none other than David Nykl who played Dr Radek Zelenka and the ‘Chucknician’ himself Chuck Campbell. Stargate Atlantis has not lost its charm and continues to be watched my millions all over the world. Was its run cut too short, could it have lasted a few more seasons? Listen to Gerri and Eugenia give their opinions about the show and their thoughts about the characters Zelenka and Chuck the Technician. In David Nykl’s interview you will find out about the many things David has been involved in from directing to co-founding a theatre company in the Czech Republic. In Chuck’s interview find out how he got his name in the series. They give their thanks to Gifts for the Geek http://www.giftsforthegeek.com.au and The Hub Productions http://www.thehubproductions.com and for the opportunity to interview David and Chuck.


Episode 66 – Power of The Listener – Rainbow Sun Francks

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issuu podcast 66Every one of us has wished we had a special power like telepathy, telekinesis or precognition (the winning numbers in the lottery?). In this podcast Eugenia and Gerri explore the world of tele-powers from My Favourite Martian, 4400, X-Men, Warehouse 13, Star Trek and more discussing the pros and cons of having those powers. Their interview in this podcast is with Rainbow Sun Francks who plays Dev Clark in The Listener, a series about a paramedic who can read minds, Rainbow is also known to many of you as Lt Aiden Ford from Stargate: Atlantis. Eugenia and Gerri thank Jason and Darren from Gifts for the Geek http://www.giftsforthegeek.com.au for the opportunity to interview Rainbow.

Episode 51 – The Two Faces of Chuck Campbell in Sanctuary

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issuu podcast 51In this podcast Gerri and Eugenia catch up with Chuck Campbell. Chuck has not only starred as Chuck the Gate Guy or “The Chucknician” in Stargate Atlantis but also stars Two Faced in Sanctuary but that’s not all he does either. His role on both shows is larger than just being an actor on the show. He was the stand in for David Hewlett (Dr McKay) on Stargate Atlantis and is currently the stand in for Robin Dunne (Will) in Sanctuary. During Gerri and Eugenia’s interview with Chuck you will get to understand what an important role a stand-in has to any TV show and what it involves. Gerri and Eugenia along with guest presenter Kess, talk about their thoughts of why Sanctuary is a TV show to watch. Gerri and Eugenia thank Carissa and Rand from The Hub Productions http://www.thehubproductions.com for introducing them to Chuck Campbell.

Episode 50 – Amanda Tapping – A Woman Talking Sci Fi

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issuu podcast 50It’s Eugenia and Gerri’s 50th podcast!! Their special guest interview for this podcast is none other than iconic Sci Fi actor Amanda Tapping. Amanda talks about her commitment to Sanctuary from the webisodes to TV show. Find out how you can support Sanctuary for Kids http://www.sanctuaryforkids.org a charity started by Amanda, Damien Kindler and Jil Bodie that improves the lives of children around the world needing protection or in crisis. Eugenia and Gerri reminisce about the beginnings of the podcast and their geeky moments! They thank the promoters that make it possible to bring fabulous guests to you. Thanks to Armageddon Expo http://www.armageddonexpo.com/au for making Amanda available, plus Supanova http://www.supanova.com.au, First Contact Conventions http://www.firstcontactconventions.com.au Gifts for the Geek http://www.giftsforthegeek.com.au The Hub Productions http://www.thehubproductions.com and Culture Shock http://www.cultureshockevents.com Make sure you don’t miss the outtakes near the end of the show.

Episode 27 – David Hewlett Down Under

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issuu podcast 27.pubThis podcast is a little different. Gerri and Eugenia went to a convention at which the inimitable Stargate Atlantis actor David Hewlett who played Dr “Meredith” Rodney McKay was one of the guests. David is a great showman and kept the audience well entertained, so we thought that you might like to hear him too. He talks about his role with the show, his love of the UK TV show Doctor Who and the movie that he wrote, directed, and starred in “A Dog’s Breakfast”. What are you waiting for start downloading it!!

Episode 19 – Through the Stargate to Atlantis

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issuu podcast 19

In this podcast Gerri and Eugenia are joined by their two good friends Marlene and Sarah. So what are they talking about? Well, they decided to get together to talk about Stargate Atlantis which is Sarah’s favourite show. So did they just talk about the show or did it turn into a discussion about one friend’s obsession with a character from this show! Who do you think this may be well to give you a hint his name begins with an M? So have a listen and see if you can tell which of us is the one with the obsession and find out how he (oops that is another clue) talks about how he got his role in Stargate Atlantis. Keep listening to our upcoming podcasts and you will be able to listen to him talk about his time on the show.