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Episode 108 – The Many Faces of Star Trek – Plakson – Sheppard

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issuu podcast 108Yes, Eugenia and Gerri are talking about Star Trek again, and this time it is about the many faces seen and unseen! Sometimes actors appear as different characters in TV shows and its incarnations and that is what we have in this episode, in fact they have interviews with actors who have a combined 80+ years in the business. Eugenia and Gerri interview Suzie Plakson and Morgan Sheppard! Some may ask, whom did they play (yes, you will recognise them when you see them)? Suzie known to fans as K’Ehleyr the Klingon with a sense of humour, Dr Selar, (A character from the TNG episode Morgan was in) and Q, the mother of Q’s child Q and of course Tarah the Andorian from Enterprise. Morgan first appeared in the TOS movie Final Frontier, then onto Ira Graves in Schiziod Man (with Susie), Qatai in Voyager and then a Vulcan in Star Trek (2009), the only series they missed was DS9! Both are extremely talented with Suzie is an author, singer, artist, and sculptor! Check her out at http://www.suzieplakson.com . Morgan who is one and has worked with many icons of the movie industry is also one of a select few of actors appearing in Star Trek and Doctor Who (along with his son Mark Sheppard)! Eugenia and Gerri would like to thank Daniel and Lionel from http://www.supanova.com.au and http://www.lionelmidfordpublicity.com respectively for Suzie, and for Morgan Bill and Adele from Armageddon Expo, New Zealand http://www.armageddonexpo.com/nz/ .


Episode 65 – Once Seen But Not Forgotten – Hallie Todd

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issuu podcast 65Ever watched a show and noticed that this one-off, short term character stays with you? In this episode Gerri and Eugenia discuss characters that impact the world of Star Trek. Whom do you remember? Which of the five Star Trek incarnations was able to deliver more of these than the other shows? Gerri and Eugenia discuss the characters that impacted them from the one-off to a short stint recurring character. They look at all incarnations of the show and tell us which stuck in with them. Do you agree with them? Who made an impact on you? They also had the opportunity to talk to Hallie Todd http://www.hallietoddstudios.com who played Lal, Data’s daughter in the episode The Offspring about her time on the show and the new movie she has produced with her husband Glenn Withrow called The Mooring http://www.themooringmovie.com Thanks to Scotty and Diana from First Contact Conventions http://www.firstcontactconventions.com.au.

Episode 59 – First Contact with Jonathan Frakes

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issuu podcast 59

OK by now you know that Gerri and Eugenia are uber GEEKS and they have interviewed quite a number of your and their favourite TV Sci Fi icons! But, what happens when you interview one of your ultra-favourite? You geek out! Yes, and that is whatthey did they geeked out! In this podcast they discuss one of their all-time favourite movies and that is Star Trek First Contact and(another geek out moment) they get to, not only speak to the Director of the movie but also to one of the stars! None other than the handsome, funny and wonderful Jonathan Frakes so who would not GEEK OUT when you get to sit down and talk with an Icon of Sci Fi both as an actor and now a director of some of our favourite TV shows. Jonathan also talks about his time directing some of the most popular shows on TV. Thank you very much must go to Carissa, Rand, Maggie from Oz Comic Con http://www.ozcomiccon.com for the interview.

Episode 43 – Robots and Other Things – Brent Spiner

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Gerri and Eugenia talk about robots, mechanoids, androids and the odd dalek or two. They look at the history of the machine man/woman from the first one to be seen in Sci Fi feature films, who of course as we all know is Maria in the newly released and remastered, Metropolis from http://www.madman.com.au. So why are they so interested in the manmade machine in the human form? It is because they have an interview with one of the genres most loved character actors, the engaging and fascinating Brent Spiner the man who made us all want to be a machine! Brent Spiner played the android Data in Star Trek Next Generation and Star Trek movies. He has also been in Threshold, Independence Day, Star Trek Enterprise and is now writing and performing his own webseries called Fresh Hell. Gerri and Eugenia’s thanks go to Scott and Diana Liston from First Contact Conventions http://www.firstcontactconventions.com.au

Episode 30 – The Counsellor Is In – Marina Sirtis

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issuu podcast 30.pubThis podcast is the last of Eugenia and Gerri’s trilogy of Star
Trek actors or as Gerri puts it ‘our triptych of TNG’. And what an ending it is!! Eugenia and Gerri had the pleasure of
interviewing Marina Sirtis, the Counsellor Deanna Troi of Star Trek: Next Generation at an Oz Trek 3 in Melbourne. Thanks go to Scott Liston for providing them with the opportunity to interview this very generous, lovely, and funny woman. It is evident from Marina’s interview that she really enjoyed her time on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and has gained from her experience, lifelong friends and memories. Over a cup of coffee Marina talks about her life, her loves and some of her up and coming projects. So grab a cup of coffee yourself and enjoy a fun-filled podcast as Eugenia and Gerri discuss their
views about the character of Deanna Troi and then listen to
The Counsellor herself, Marina Sirtis. Visit http://www.firstcontactconventions.com.au for some great upcoming conventions.

Episode 29 – Michael Dorn – A Klingon Encounter

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Gerri and Eugenia in this podcast get to interview the man who has appeared in more Star Trek episodes and movies than any other actor. It is none other than Michael Dorn who played the Klingon warrior Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation and of course Colonel Worf in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. This is part 2 of their TNG interview specials and they were very excited to get the chance to speak to one of the most recognised characters from all the Star Trek Series. We thank Scott from First Contact Conventions http://www.firstcontactconventions.com.au for the interview. So do what they did enjoy your time with Michael Dorn!

Episode 28 – LeVar Burton-A Man Who Kept the USS Enterprise Flying

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issuu podcast 28.pubEugenia and Gerri got to interview not only one of Star Trek: The Next Generation icons, but three of them. In this first interview of a three part The Next Generation series they interview LeVar Burton otherwise known as Geordi LaForge, the Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise. They also discuss the Chief Engineers of all Star Trek incarnations. Eugenia and Gerri thank Scott Liston from First Contact Conventions http://www.firstcontactconventions.com.au for the interview. So sit back enjoy our TNG specials because we did when we interviewed some of the actors who portrayed some of our most beloved characters.

Episode 21 – Women Talk Sci Fi

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issuu podcast 21In this their 21st podcast (They now have the keys to the recording room!) Gerri and Eugenia finally have an all “Women Talk Sci FI” podcast! At The Hub Productions Star Trek Convention in Adelaide, a convention for which they did not have to travel they had the opportunity to interview Denise Crosby their first female actor interview. Although Denise was only in the series as a regular for one season Eugenia and Gerri discuss the impact her character had on the show and how in her portrayal of Tasha Yar Denise made it easy to imagine that women who were capable could be responsible for the security of a great big ship. Tasha Yar was never forgotten throughout the 7 seasons of TNG and Denise in her portrayal of the alternate Tasha and her daughter Sela ensured that. Denise is also famous for “Trekkies” and “Trekkies Two” great documentaries on the world of Star Trek Fandom. Gerri and Eugenia asked all the questions that fans would if they had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Denise. Thank you to Carissa and Rand and crew from The Hub Productions http://www.thehubproductions.com for the opportunity to interview Denise, we recommend you check them out because there are great conventions coming to a city in Oz near you!