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Episode 75 – Laundry Oh Yummy – Robert Llewellyn

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issuu podcast 75If you have listened to the previous podcast about Red Dwarf you will know how much Gerri & Eugenia love it! In this episode they talk about the show some more because it has been on for a long time, 25 years (on and off) so there is a lot to talk about! In particular they discuss the many aspects of Kryton, the mop and bucket-loving robot who really is the most human one on board the mighty ship and for you lot that like us can sing the theme song off by heart, it may be cold outside but Kryton keeps the crew comfy and warm inside and in clean clothes. So, have guessed who the interview in this episode is? It’s Robert Llewellyn of course, the wonderful actor who plays this most endearing character. Robert is a bit of an all-rounder, he is an author, actor, comedian, and a video podcaster, http://www.youtube.com/user/carpoolUK?feature=watch check it out you just never know who turns up! Gerri and Eugenia would like to thank (really, really thank) Scott and Diana Liston from First Contact Conventions, http://www.firstcontactconvention.com.au and Annabel from Roadshow Entertainment http://roadshow.com.au/tv/comedy.aspx (where the DVD’s come from) for giving them one of their most enjoyable interviews.