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Episode 66 – Power of The Listener – Rainbow Sun Francks

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issuu podcast 66Every one of us has wished we had a special power like telepathy, telekinesis or precognition (the winning numbers in the lottery?). In this podcast Eugenia and Gerri explore the world of tele-powers from My Favourite Martian, 4400, X-Men, Warehouse 13, Star Trek and more discussing the pros and cons of having those powers. Their interview in this podcast is with Rainbow Sun Francks who plays Dev Clark in The Listener, a series about a paramedic who can read minds, Rainbow is also known to many of you as Lt Aiden Ford from Stargate: Atlantis. Eugenia and Gerri thank Jason and Darren from Gifts for the Geek http://www.giftsforthegeek.com.au for the opportunity to interview Rainbow.