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Episode 76 – Doing the Time Warp – Patricia Quinn

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issuu podcast 76Sometimes a movie just hits the right spot. However, this movie took a little while to catch on but when it did!! Eugenia and Gerri talk about The Rocky Horror Picture show which they believe to be the first and only Science Fiction musical! Who knew it? Full of aliens, frankensteinish monster, but a cute one hey and more! This movie released in 1975 and at the time a confrontational regarding some of the social issues which are still debated today. Rocky Horror is now a popular and permanent feature in popular culture and in fact is the longest-running release in film history with 20th Century Fox never pulling it from its original 1975 release. It continues to inspire and is generally shown at midnight in many theatres around the world with almost an obligatory ‘if you attend then you must wear a costume from the film”. In this episode Eugenia and Gerri were more than overwhelmed when they got to interview one of the iconic actors from this iconic movie. It is none other than the wonderful and amazing Patricia Quinn, otherwise known as Lady Stephens (a real one!) who plays Magenta in the movie. She also talks about her appearance on Doctor Who on the Sylvester McCoy story Dragonfire which was also the story Ace becomes the new companion of the Doctor. See if you can hear a little cultural bonding of Patricia and Gerri as they both break into their hometown accents. Eugenia and Gerri would like to thank Oz Comic Con http://www.ozcomiccon.com and Blue Planet PR http://www.blueplanetpr.com.au for the chance to spend some time with this amazing woman.