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Episode 105 – Once More With Feeling – Amber Benson

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issuu podcast 105That show about the girl with a “stick” and “attitude”! In this episode guess which show Gerri and Eugenia are talking about? It’s one of their favourite shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer! They have talked about this show before, but as you know they can wax lyrical about anything! So, with that in mind they discuss the strong character growth across the seven seasons of the show and still feel that the show stands up today, yes even with the clothes and the hairstyles! So whom are they talking with in this show, the lovely funny and very talented Amber Benson, actor, author, director and producer! So, they discuss the (at the time) intriguing relationship between Willow and Tara, the shock of her Tara’s death. Tara showed strength of character and took on the role of the stabiliser for the “Scooby Gang” with the voice of reason! Amber Benson is also a big “geek” into sci fi and fantasy , comic books and more! Gerri and Eugenia would like to thank Culture Shock Events, catch them at http://www.cultureshockevents.com to see what events they have coming to a city near you.


Episode 58 – Glory to Buffy Baddies – Clare Kramer

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issuu podcast 58In this episode Eugenia and Gerri discuss one of the iconic shows that made being a vampire sophisticated and sexy! Yes, it is none other than Buffy the Vampire Slayer any geek girls must watch show and who did not want to be (or be with) the slayer and her trusty friend Mr Pointy, the stake!. The story of the chosen one and all the baddies in the world from those who eat kittens to The Master Vampire to the Nerds who kill! Taking its inspiration from classic tales such as Frankenstein (remember Adam) and fairy tales (Hush) were not The Gentlemen one of the scariest villains of all time as well as Dracula (of course)? Eugenia and Gerri have the pleasure of interviewing one of Buffy’s baddest baddies none other than Glory herself, Clare Kramer. They would like to thank Daniel and Lionel from Supanova Expo http://www.supanova.com.au for their interview with Clare.

Episode 35 – A Little Byte of Angel – Mark Lutz Interview

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issuu podcast 35.pubIn this podcast Gerri and Eugenia are joined by guest presenters Robyn (Gerri’s daughter) and Robyn’s good friend Deanna. These young geek fangirls talk with Gerri and Eugenia about their likes and dislikes of the TV series Angel. The topics vary from plot line to the impact of the characters on the show. They also have an interview with Mark Lutz who played The Groosalugg on Angel. The interview was conducted at Supanova in Sydney http://www.supanova.com.au The audio has a bit of background noise from the event but the interview is worth a listen as Mark gives insight to the creation of his character, life and laughing. So grab a ‘byte’ and enjoy.

Episode 25 – Dichen The Doll Talks Dollhouse

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issuu podcast 25.pubAs you have heard in previous podcasts Gerri and Eugenia are from Adelaide, South Australia and they were lucky enough recently to interview another Adelaide girl who has made it big in the US. The show is Dollhouse and the Adelaide girl is Dichen Lachman who plays Sierra, one of the personality of another person to complete missions, Gerri and Eugenia caught up with Dichen at Supanova in Sydney http://www.supanova.com.au. Dichen is a self confessed Geek Girl, in her interview she talks about her love for Sci Fi and what it was like working with Joss Whedon. In this podcast Gerri and Eugenia discuss Joss Whedon’s latest show Dollhouse, does it live up to the standard of his previous shows like Buffy? Is it a new concept or have there been TV shows in the past that have used similar concepts. So sit back have a listen then let us know what you think!