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Episode 69 – Every Ben 10 needs a Grandpa Max – Paul Eiding

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issuu podcast 69In this episode Gerri and Eugenia get into cartoons. A genre we all love no matter what age we are! We all have a favourite from Saturday morning cartoons and little kids of today will have one they will remember and no matter what, will always watch it when it shows up again. So, which cartoon are they talking about? Ben 10 of course! Ben 10 has graced the TV of many of us either as a watcher or by osmosis when the kids have it on the TV and it has been around for at least 7 years and like Harry Potter you grow up with it. Gerri and Eugenia discuss the quite adult themes set within the show, the expectations of the hero and the doing for the sake of doing and not reward. One of the great characters in Ben 10 is the calming Grandpa Max and this is who they have on the show in this episode. Paul Eiding is not only the voice of Grandpa Max but also many other cartoon characters like Preceptor from the Transformers and Gerri and Eugenia have a great interview with him. If you want to know what it is like to be a voice actor then this is the podcast for you. Gerri and Eugenia thank Bill and Adele from Armageddon Expo New Zealand for the interview with Paul http://www.armageddonexpo.com