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Episode 57 – Which Who? The Sixth Who – Colin Baker

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issuu podcast 57Don’t miss this podcast as Gerri and Eugenia along with guest presenter Jo Shrapnel discuss the era of The Sixth Doctor Who. What did you think about Colin Baker’s Doctor? Gerri, Eugenia and Jo discuss the changes that occurred during Colin’s time, the influence of the 80s his approach to the role and their likes and dislikes (what dislikes? Really who would dislike any Who!!!) about Doctor Who during that time. You can follow Colin Baker on Twitter, https://twitter.com/SawbonesHex and read his blog at http://www.freewebs.com/colinbaker/. Gerri and Eugenia have the pleasure to talk with the witty, wonderful Sixth Doctor himself Colin Baker about his career and all things ‘Who’. You will also hear their stories of spending time with The Doctor, Colin Baker. Their thanks go to Gifts for the Geek http://www.giftsforthegeek.com.au for the opportunity to meet the delightful Colin Baker.