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Episode 93 – It Is All About The Voice – Steve – Kyle – Scott

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issuu podcast 93Many of us have a favourite cartoon, animated film or Japanese anime and in that, we have a favourite character! As we watch the screen these characters feel alive and we invest in them, we enjoy how they react and how they come across as real, but, they are only (well up until now) 2D frames of some very good drawings hand or computerised and put together with sound and music! So what really brings these characters to life? Well, in this episode Gerri and Eugenia discuss that, they talk about the words that are said and the actors who make them come alive with their use of voice. In this episode they talk to some of the greats in the voice actor world with interviews with Steve Blum, Kyle Hebert, and Scott McCord but in reality they are now just interviewing these three but hundreds of characters from the world of the cartoon! Scott is also a musician, visit his website http://www.scottmccordmusic.com to see what he is up to. They would like to thank Bill and Adele from New Zealand, Armageddon Expo catch them at http://armageddonexpo.com/nz/


Episode 53 – Bill Farmer – A Little Bit Goofy

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issuu podcast 53In this podcast Gerri and Eugenia get to interview one of the world’s best-known voices! It is Bill Farmer the legendary voice of Goofy and Pluto some of Disney’s most enduring characters. Recently inducted into the Disney hall of fame for his 25 years of voicing his characters he is one of Disney’s Legends. So what else could Gerri and Eugenia talks about but the use of animation in Sci Fi. They discuss how animation has added to Sci FI and the many enjoyable and fun characters that animation gives life to. They discuss the vision of Walt Disney and his contribution to science fiction. They would like to thank Armageddon Expo http://www.armageddonexpo.com for the chance to interview one of the most iconic actors in animation. Apparently they we round telling everyone they had interviewed Goofy. Just have a listen and you will hear not only Bill and Goofy but some of the other wonderful characters from his world! So sit back and enjoy the many voices of Bill Farmer!