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Episode 26 – Star Wars – Darth Vader Grows Up

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issuu podcast 26.pubEvery villain starts out as a young boy with a mother. She
dreams that he will become famous and do good in the world.  Well in this podcast Eugenia and Gerri get to talk to an incarnation of one of the world’s best-known villains! They get to interview Darth Vader, well the young Anakin Skywalker, the father of Luke and Leia! Eugenia and Gerri caught up with Jake Lloyd, who played 9-year-old Anakin when he was a slave from Tatooine and the only human able to compete in podracing. So have a listen, sit back and find out how he got the part and what he is doing now. They also interview Sean Williams, New York Times best selling author of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and his latest Star Wars: The Old Alliance: Fatal Republic who also happens to be from their hometown of Adelaide, South Australia. Eugenia and Gerri talk about their views on how George Lucas changed the world of Sci Fi with his ‘Big Screen’ epic series. Eugenia and Gerri also discuss the impact George Lucas’ Star Wars epic series has had on Sci Fi. Star Wars fans should not miss this podcast.