A Podcast about our favourite shows with interviews from their iconic actors

Episode 34 – The Place is Babylon 5 – Claudia Christian

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issuu podcast 34.pubIn this podcast Eugenia and Gerri discuss the television
series Babylon 5 and talk about the differences between Babylon 5 and other shows. They look at the writing style of J. Michael Straczynski and discuss the range of characters which made it such an interesting and thought provoking show. Yes, there is an interview and due to popular demand it is Claudia Christian, whom they interviewed at Armageddon Expo’s, Melbourne event. http://www.armageddonexpo.com Claudia who played Susan Ivanova in the series talks about her time on the show, her current projects and mentions one in particular which is a potential new Sci Fi show from Australian shores. To find out more about Claudia visit her website http://www.claudiachristian.net


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