A Podcast about our favourite shows with interviews from their iconic actors

Episode 18 – The Day We Knew We Were Truly ‘Geek’

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issuu podcast 18

This year Eugenia and Gerri head off to conventions all over Australia. For Australian “Sci Fi Geeks” this is just a taste of what the rest of our fellow “Geeks” in other parts of the world have all the time! So we want to thank: The Hub Productions http://www.thehubproductions.com, First Contact Conventions http://www.firstcontactconventions.com.au, Supanova http://www.supanova.com.au, Armageddon http://www.armageddonexpo.com For making this year totally “geekalicious”! With lots of travel plans already made they thought that it was time to share a chat they had had with their good friend Marlene about their first convention experiences. In the podcast you will hear them talk about how they met, which guest was at their first convention and how this experience has led to many adventures.


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