A Podcast about our favourite shows with interviews from their iconic actors

Episode 02 – I’ve Got a Golden Ticket

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Women Talk Sci Fi had a golden chance to make there way. All the way to the world premiere of the new Star Trek movie in Sydney, Australia. I promise that’s the last South Park reference I’ll make. I can’t promise you what the girls will do in the podcast though. Now time to be serious because there are some seriously big stars in this podcast. Interviews with Richard Arnold, Eric Bana and Zachary Quinto. Gerri and Eugenia waylaid Mr Arnold at the Armageddon convention last year in Melbourne. The enthusiasm in his voice for the movie, if not for Paramount, was obvious and reassuring. It gives hope that the right people are doing the right things to our beloved franchise. In fact it is a sentiment that seems to be shared by many of the cast involved in the movie. Relief that the reigns have been handed over to someone who cares about Star Trek. Someone who wants to see it grow and flourish. Not just so money can be made but so the dream can live on a little longer. I’ve deliberately mentioned very little about what is in the actual podcast. You will just have to listen to it to find out. You won’t be disappointed though. So sit back and be prepared for Gerri to rub it in that she got to go to the world premiere and we didn’t.


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